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Pheme App

Pheme is a HIPAA compliant communication platform designed for simplicity for our healthcare professionals. We have integrated HIPAA compliance, end-to-end encryption and added purpose-built features designed by healthcare professionals. Think of it as a PHI protected curbside consultation. Our streamlined Consults feature creates an organized patient record and the NextShift feature allows for effortless transition of patient Consults. Pheme reduces the need for faxes and phones that take up valuable time in the pharmacy and medical office. It is as easy to use as any messaging app and is encrypted end-to-end similar to the platform used by United Healthcare.

Our Mission

Pheme Technologies is a company that is actively building a communication system for healthcare professionals. Daily, pharmacists waste time and money trying to communicate with prescribers about patients and their care. Pheme creates a solution by using HIPAA compliant encryption tech that could allow all healthcare professionals to safely discuss patient care. We believe better, faster and secure information has the power to improve outcomes and save lives.

The Pheme Team

The development of Pheme took the help of multiple educational and professional backgrounds, including doctors, pharmacists, researchers, acclaimed web designers, entrepreneurs, business managers, engineers, investment bankers, and graphic designers. We are partnered with MedStartr, one of the largest investment platforms for medical startups, maintaining 130,000 stakeholders. Together, we have built a simple, efficient, and innovative tool that can change how healthcare professionals communicate.

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